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Teachers - Practice with
Spanish speaking parents!

Learn and practice 100 basic phrases for teachers ! | Facilitated by James Archer

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Many studies have identified Parental Engagement (or lack thereof) as a contributing factor in the Achievement Gap.

The ShareLingo Project has released this short course to help schools improve parental engagement. It includes basic materials plus the core principals of the ShareLingo model.

This course will help both English and Spanish speakers learn the first 100 phrases - but the real benefit is in the method. Spanish speaking parents will come into the school to engage with English speaking staff (and possibly other parents) and be more comfortable.

This short course will teach English and Spanish speakers how to teach each other - without fear or embarrassment.

You can access it here for FREE.

Why is it free? - Because The ShareLingo Project's mission is to connect cultures. What better place to fulfill this mission than in our Schools?

What could possibly be more powerful, or more fulfilling, then helping schools improve parental engagement, and reduce the achievement gap, by bringing English and Spanish speakers together to:

  • Practice with each other
  • Understand key words and phrases
  • Become Friends
  • Build school community
  • Help schools and parents help kids

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James Archer
James Archer
Hello!! and most of all, WELCOME!

I'm James, ShareLingo's founder, and author of Beyond Words - an Amazon #1 best seller and #1 New Release. I started ShareLingo back in 2012 based on my own experience learning Spanish. There are thousands of options for learning vocabulary and grammar, but how, or where, could I practice with a native speaker? Over the past few years, ShareLingo has helped thousands of people - both English and Spanish speakers - come together to practice. The method and materials are constantly improving and I'm really proud of both the mission and how effective the system is. We've also helped a lot of businesses and schools with our program.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or the ShareLingo team if we can help you in any way. Remember that YOU are doing something amazing here too! You are helping someone else learn another language and improve their lives.

Good Job! Let's DO this!

¡¡Hola!! Y sobre todo, BIENVENIDOS!

Soy James, el fundador de ShareLingo y autor de Beyond Words - un #1 en la categoría de mayor ventas y #1 en la categoría de nuevo lanzamiento. Comencé ShareLingo en 2012 basado en mi propia experiencia aprendiendo español. Hay miles de opciones para aprender vocabulario y gramática, pero ¿cómo, o dónde, puedo practicar con un hablante nativo? En los últimos años, ShareLingo ha ayudado a miles de personas - tanto hablantes de inglés como español - se unen para practicar. El método y los materiales están mejorando constantemente y estoy muy orgulloso de la misión y la eficacia del sistema. También hemos ayudado a muchas empresas y escuelas con nuestro programa.

Por favor, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo o con el equipo de ShareLingo si podemos ayudarle de alguna manera. Recuerde que usted está haciendo algo increíble aquí también! Estás ayudando a otra persona a aprender otro idioma y mejorar sus vidas.

¡Buen trabajo! ¡Hagámoslo!

You can reach James at james@isharelingo.com or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbarcherjr